Saturday, August 21, 2010

WATCH: President's Weekly Address
Time To FIGHT Against
Corporate Takeover
of Our Democracy !

Because of the new SCOTUS recent decision...right now, corporations can buy millions of dollars in attack ads without even disclosing who they are...keeping the public in the dark. We can NOT allow the corporate takeover of OUR Democracy.

WATCH: President's Address (3:14)

For those who thought the election and victory was the end of the fight...fact is...due to the Party of NO-block everything good- Republicans, the-does this spell doom-anti Obama media, the-he's not doing what we want fast enough so we should crush him-'Professional Left', the-corporate/right wing controlled-Supreme Court, the-masters of legalized bribery-corporations, the-we'll take some of that money too and block him for you-Dems, the outright-we have a BLACK PRESIDENT !-haters, and was only the beginning.
There's Much Work Ahead.
JOIN in the FIGHT !

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