Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stunning Third-World-Like
Scenes From Atlanta
Sad ! Thousands Crowd Housing Authority
just to get on Section 8 WAITING LIST !

Greg Jones
B4B National Director

As the Republicans do everything they can to literally crush the American middle-class by voting against all legislation designed to help economically, people across the country are suffering more each day. This video shows how thousands stood in Georgia's exhausting heat yesterday just for the opportunity to get an application for much needed public housing. As you'll see, it's like a scene in a third-world country. This should also serve as a notice that if the GOP does, in fact regain power and initiate their plans to cut much needed funding to states in hopes of forcing state and union bankruptcies...we can expect disgusting scenes like this to simply multiply.

Here's the video from The Ed Schultz Show:

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