Friday, August 20, 2010

President Obama Resumes Peace Talks

WATCH: SOS Clinton Announcement

re: NEW Middle East Peace Initiative

As the Repubs/media have been ginning up anti-Muslim community center, anti-1st Amendment rhetoric...and as the 'Professional Left' rant about all that's not being done fast enough for their liking (although he's been a bit busy trying to Save America !)...The President has secretly been VERY busy taking care of REAL getting our combat troops out of Iraq while simultaneously putting a plan in place to The White House (!)...a plan toward Peace in the Middle East. The thought regularly crosses my mind....What would things be like if McPalin had won ? Big Thanks again Warriors...and

There's STILL Much Work Ahead !

WATCH: SOS Clinton Announces Peace Talk initiative

Yes We Can...Yes We Did...
Yes We WILL !!!

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