Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Quick Health Care Note To

The Fight Is ON...and Yes We WILL !!!

By: Greg Jones
National Director

TO MY PROGRESSIVE FRIENDS concerned with the imperfections of this historic-and greatly needed-accomplishment, I remind you of one key word...PROGRESS ! ALL....yes ALL major legislation was passed in an imperfect state...DID YOU KNOW that when Social Security passed in 1935 it did not include (benefit) women or blacks ! DID YOU KNOW that when the Civil Rights Act was first proposed it did not prohibit police brutality ! DID YOU KNOW that although many Women's Rights Laws were passed throughout the years it was not until just last year-through President Obama-that the Lily Ledbetter Law was put in place to make it illegal for women to be paid less than men doing the exact same job ! (and the list goes on)

Although this HC Bill is far from perfect, it is a foundation to grow (PROGRESS) upon as we have throughout history. It will be much easier to make incremental changes to this bill once passed than it will ever be to pass 'the perfect bill' all at once. There are MANY great things about this bill....and once passed...Warriors like yourselves (including me) will work hard to tweak/improve the bill along the way. But looking back on history...our country should be thankful in so many ways, that they did not KILL THE BILLS of the past due to their imperfections.

It's Fight Time !!! Yes We WILL !!!

p.s. We should no longer have thousands of hard working Americans standing in lines for as long as 4 hours WHILE SICK, at make-shift traveling free clinics just to be seen by a doctor, like a third-world country....and we should definitely not continue to allow 44,000 Americans to DIE each year due to the lack of access to quality health care. Lastly, I find it interesting that the majority of folks complaining about the imperfections...HAVE COVERAGE !...while 46 MILLION DON'T !!!

The Time Is NOW...