Monday, March 22, 2010


Photo: Moment President Obama heard
Health Care Bill passed with 219 votes

This was another long battle...Just want to Thank ALL of you Warriors who have fought, kicked, worried, prayed, harassed, bombarded and inspired others toward this Historic Day. Thanks to YOU...Americans will now have the basic right to quality health
You ALL helped make history !

Warning: Following this historic accomplishment the right wing/media and 'haters' in general will work hard to spin and MINIMIZE this monumental feat...with non-stop lies, constant fake unconstitutionality claims...fake claims to repeal....the usual 'does this spell doom' or 'the Dems next big problem'...etc., etc.,...

MEANWHILE, here's a VERY honest assessment from well known REPUBLICAN strategist David Frum who confesses that, despite what you'll hear, this health care win for America actually spells DISASTER for the Republicans.
A great read...following A GREAT VICTORY for America !
Click: David Frum's The REPUBLICAN'S Waterloo

p.s. Rush Limbaugh said that if the health care bill passed he would move to Costa Rica.
Email him at to ask him when is he packing !

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