Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's Another MAJOR Reason
To Fight for HCR

Rush Limbaugh:
" I'll Leave US if Health Care Reform Passes "

B4B NOTE: Senator Chris Dodd is in so we're up to 37 Senators who have signed-on FOR the Public Option. (We think Speaker Pelosi is waiting until we get 50 before Congress will pass the Senate version). Keep making those calls...sending emails/faxes to FIGHT For Public Option ! Need just 13 more to sign-on. Here's the list of who has and has not yet signed-on. Of course 44,000 Americans dying per year due to the lack of access to quality health care is reason enough to Fight but I must say...this Rush statement is absolutely INSPIRATIONAL !

UPDATE ! MoveOn.org has just launched their " 2 For 1: Pass Health Care and Ship Rush Limbaugh Out Of The Country " petition drive which you can SIGN HERE.

Fight...Fight...Fight !!!

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