Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B4B PHOTOS of the WEEK !
Our Wonderful First Lady Donates
Inaugural Gown to Smithsonian Museum

From Our First Lady,

"When I look at my gown -- which I, in fact, have not seen since the day that I took it off -- memories of that moment truly come rushing back. I remember that it was freezing cold in Washington. I know we all remember that. Yet, despite the frigid temperatures, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the Mall. Nothing was going to stop them from being part of history.

That day was so hectic for us. And I remember the inaugural parade and how the President and I stood and we waved until every last band walked by.

Then we only had less than an hour -- ladies, if you can believe that -- (laughter) -- all of my friends left us in the stands, by the way. (Laughter.) "See ya, good luck!" (Laughter.) I was like, "Yeah, thanks." (Laughter.) "We have to get ready for the ball." (Laughter.) Like, "Yeah, so do I." (Laughter.) So at the time I wasn't really focused on what I was wearing that evening -- I was really just trying to stay warm.

But I'll never forget the moment that I slipped on this beautiful gown. I remember how just luscious I felt as the President and I were announced onto the stage for the first of many dances. And I'll cherish that moment for the rest of my life. " (First Lady Michelle Obama)

B4B NOTE: The beautiful historic gown, which was designed by Jason Wu, will be part of a new gallery at The Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. called " A First Lady's Debut " which will showcase 11 dresses worn by first ladies. Our First Lady said she's "a little embarrassed by all the fuss made over my dress. Like many of you, I'm not used to people wanting to put things I've worn on display. "

We Are SO Proud...
Of Our First Lady !

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