Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Romanian Baby Named After President

The Obama baby-naming craze has extended beyond the U.S. and Kenya. The first wave came after the election and the second after the inauguration.

According to the AP photo caption:

Claudia Scoica, 24, a Romanian Gypsy woman holds her son Obama Sorin Ilie Scoica, in Rusciori, Romania, Nov. 2008. By his own admission, Barack Obama was "a skinny kid with a funny name," but that isn't stopping proud parents from Romania to Indonesia from naming their newborns after the U.S. president-elect. Romania's downtrodden Gypsies - once enslaved, like African-Americans, yet still struggling to overcome deep-seated prejudice - seem particularly inspired.(AP Photo/Razvan Valcaneantu/Evenimentul Zilei)