Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blacks4Barack Selected To Be Part Of
U.S. Library of Congress
Historical Collection !

Cleveland,Ohioan Greg Jones' website, has been selected to be part of the U.S. Library of Congress' historic collection Presidential Campaign 2008. The Blacks4Barack website will be made available worldwide through the LOC's Digital Collection.
Following is a portion of the request sent to Blacks4Barack.

The United States Library of Congress has selected your Web site for inclusion in its historic collections of Internet materials related to the Presidential Transition During a Time of Crisis. The Library's traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to the Congress and to the American people to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including Web sites. We request your permission to collect your web site and add it to the Library's research collections. We also ask that we be allowed to display the archived version(s) of your web site.

The following URL has been

With your permission, the Library of Congress or its agent will engage in the collection of content from your Web site at regular intervals over time. The Library will make this collection available to researchers onsite at Library facilities. The Library also wishes to make the collection available to offsite researchers by hosting the collection on the Library's public access Web site. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Internet materials and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

"To have our website selected to help future generations learn more about the Historic Campaign of 2008 is a true honor," states Greg Jones, National Director of, a multi-racial, net/grassroots organization Jones started in February of 2007 with a mission to stimulate and invigorate support for Barack Obama."I must give thanks to all of the fellow Obama Supporters nationwide who have helped us in so many ways" adds Jones.

Greg Jones is also the producer/host of an internet radio program Obama Talk Radio 'Nothing But The Truth with Greg Jones' which is a 2 hour show discussing political news and views, issues of today and Obama Talk. The show airs Live each Sunday at 8pm (est) through BlogTalk Radio and can be accessed through the Blacks4Barack website.

About The U.S. Library of Congress:

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections. The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.

The Library of Congress occupies three buildings on Capitol Hill. The Thomas Jefferson Building (1897) is the original separate Library of Congress building. (The Library began in 1800 inside the U.S. Capitol.) The John Adams Building was built in 1938 and the James Madison Memorial Building was completed in 1981.