Thursday, February 19, 2009

Republican Louisiana Congressman

Faces Recall Petition For Stimulus Vote

"People are starving and Cao needs to represent the people"

Congressman Joseph “Anh”Cao, a Republican, who defeated William “Bill” Jefferson is facing a recall petition because of his vote on the Barack Obama stimulus package. The recall has been initiated by a group of ministers.

Cao had indicated that he would be voting in favor of the controversial legislation but instead voted against it.

Papers have been filed with the Office of the Louisiana Secretary of State which started the process requiring sufficient signatures to force a recall election for the office held by Representative Cao.

Cao represents a majority African American community many who were outraged by Cao’s vote. Cao made national news with his victory over Bill Jefferson.

One elected official, State Representative Juan A. LaFonta, Democrat of District 96 told Bayoubuzz that he does not know about the existence of the petition but that he would sign it.

“We don’t need Cao to be Steve Scalise”, said LaFonta. Scalise is a Republican who represents a neighboring conservative Congressional District. “People are starving and Cao needs to represent the people of the district”, LaFonta said.

Cao is Vietnamese and has been hailed by many in the media as a new face of the Republican Party.

The group of ministers who filed the petition want to make sure that he faces a recall which could be a very daunting act, if not impossible act in Louisiana based upon the state’s history. (HuffPost)

B4B NOTE: Maybe this is the start of a new movement....
Vote No...MUST GO !