Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blacks View Latest Hillary Attack

on Obama as RACIST !
By GREG JONES, Blacks 4 Barack writer (Dec. 15)

In what many consider to be a sign of desperation due to the increase of Obama support in the polls, Hillary Clinton's campaign struck with a new smear tactic recently which some blacks consider to be racist. Many are stating that her underlying tone and tactic reflect her subliminal opinion that all black men are drug dealers....even Barack Obama ! After her co-campaign chairman Bill Sheehan 'resigned' for making the drug dealer comment, Clinton's strategist, AKA her Karl Rove, continued to make drug dealer accusations during a cable news appearance while he was supposedly apologizing for the comments, but was quickly exposed for his tactic by John Edwards strategist Joe Trippi..

National talk-radio shows began raising the issue of Hillary's racist remark on Friday. It also raised the question that if Bill Clinton was so 'pro-black', why as President was he responsible for setting the federal crack cocaine penalties to be 8 times harsher than powder cocaine users, knowing that crack cocaine was more of a black used drug as compared to powder cocaine which is more used by whites. A person convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack could be sentenced to up to 8 years in prison while in order for a person to be sentenced to 8 years with powder they would have to have 500 grams. The imbalance of this Clinton law was reviewed recently by the U.S. Courts and is being overturned.

"I'm just not sure about these Clinton's anymore", states Linda Jackson, a black professional and former Hillary supporter. "