Wednesday, October 24, 2007


National Black Out Day,

Friday, November 2, 2007

From Warren Ballentine's

Many people marched in Jena , La last month in support of the 6 young >men unjustly charged with attempted murder for a school yard fight. >There are many situations all over the nation that scream of injustice >and unfair treatment of people in this country. There is the woman in >West Virginia who was raped and tortured for days with barely any >national coverage. They called her the N word but as of this writing, >they still had not confirmed they are treating this as a hate crime. We >all know the young groom in NYC who was murdered by the NYPD on the eve >of his wedding. There is the teenage girl in Texas who was sentenced to >jail time for an altercation with a school official. How about the >teenage girl who was sprayed with mase for missing curfew. You can see &g t;her in the video restrained by a police officer twice her size. She was >in handcuffs when she was sprayed. Maybe you heard of the California >girl who had her arm broken by a school security official when she >refused to pick up a piece of cake from the floor. It was filmed by a >school mate and is all over You Tube. You may have heard of the young >man in Georgia who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having >consensual sex with a young girl. He was 17, she was 15. There was also >the young brother in Florida who died in the custody of the state when >he was admitted to their boot camp. They said he had diabetes but they >couldn't explain his battered body. All of these stories happened within >the last year or two. >Those are just a few instances where people in this country have been >treated unfairly, while 4 young men in Raleigh , NC sue the state for 10 >million dolla rs each be cause they were "falsely" accused of rape. There >are people who spend YEARS in prison and are exonerated that don't get >nearly that much coin. By the way, who else is tired of the Princess >Diana wrongful death inquiry? I mean, come on, it's very sad how she >died but does her death need to be the top news story 10 years and 2 >months after her death? >On Friday, November 2, 2007, Warren Ballentine, Reverend Al Sharpton >and other civil rights leaders are calling for a national boycott. Black >people alone spend 2 billion dollars a day in the United States and we >are only approximately 12% of the population. 2 billion dollars a day, >lining the pockets of companies that have shown no interest in our >interests. We ARE living in the new civil rights movement. We cannot >allow the march in Jena to be only an event. It MUST be a movement. In >the 1950s, the bus boycott was onl y supposed to b e for a few days or >weeks. It ended up being over a year. The goal was for fair treatment >and bus integration. Our parents and grandparents sacrificed and showed >that with faith and strength, they could show corporate America the >power of the community and demanded fair treatment. As we know, those >buses were integrated. This is not about color. This is about class. The >middle class and poor peopl e in this country are not treated as the >Declaration of Independance says we should be treated. It states that >"all men are created equal". Clearly the governing class of the United >States disagrees with their document. >Join us on on Friday, November 2, 2007 and don't spend ANY money. If you >have to shop, do it the day before or the day after. If you need gas, >get it the day before or the day after. We have to join together as a >community. You may be thinking, it's only one day, what di fference will >it make? I had the same thought at first, but just think about it. If we >all save our money that day, it WILL make a difference. That day may >become a weekend. That weekend may become a week and that week a month. >As we showed in the 1950s, we can make a difference if we do this >together. >If you can pass the many dumb jokes and forwards we all get, you most >certainly can pass this important email to all your friends and family. >Show a sign of solidarity. >"In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" >"Many tears that are in the heart never reach the eye" >Which would you prefer, money, power and respect or knowledge, wisdom >and understanding?