Thursday, October 11, 2007

ASA COONS proves
Homeland Security Should Start in our Schools !!!
By: Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

This is a horrific week in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. In one of the top public schools located in the heart of the City of Cleveland, a 14 year old allegedly entered his school with 2 guns, 3 knives and 2 boxes of ammunition, and after changing his clothing into his black trench coat gear, proceeded to shoot up the school shooting 2 teachers and injuring 3 students before turning the gun on himself, taking his own life. We are thankful that the victims have survived and commend the students at SuccessTech for their exemplary handling of this incredibly terrible occurence.

In the aftermath of such a terrible ordeal, fingers will be wagged and blame issued in many different directions. Some will say that folks should have realized the mental disorder within this 14 year old shooter. Some will blame the boy's parents and family. Some will also place blame on the Cleveland Public School System for not having more security, including the idea that more metal (gun) detectors should be available in every school, along with more security guards, which could have wharted off this catastrophe. But, then there are THE FACTS. Fact is, ever since George Bush initiated his wonderful 'No Child Left Behind' Program, the Cleveland Public School System has been in severe dire financial straits. During the past 3 years the school system was forced to lay-off or fire over 1000 Cleveland School teachers, security guards, school nurses etc., due to the lack of federal dollars, which is the responsibilty of the Bush administration. The school system has been so broke that a number of the schools were forced to discontinue sports programs, music programs, in addition to the drastic reduction in staff and security. If the school board HAD purchased metal detectors for every school, or hired more security guards, they would not have had the funds to even buy books ! And then there is the HOMELAND SECURITY.

How in the world are we making our homeland more secure, when the Bush administration is simultaneously cutting much necessary funding needed to protect our public schools, evidently not realizing (or caring) that our youth....our students...our children...should be priority number one....for 'HOMELAND SECURITY'. The time is speak out for what is really needed in OUR country. Instead of spending trillions of dollars to 'reconstruct' other countries.....we must DEMAND that American dollars be spent to take care of the true, obvious needs that exist here....on our America. This deadly ordeal, which occured across the street from the FBI Building, could have....and should have never happened.