Thursday, October 4, 2007

REPUBLICANS: The Problem With America

By: Greg 'Peace Song' Jones

Over the past 7 or so years, I have watched our country go from being an incredibly united country (as evidenced following the horrific 9/11 tragedy) to being a country almost on the verge of civil war(s). No not in Iraq.....but here ! In America. The 'United States'. It is so sad to see what we as a country have disolved to becoming. When one looks back in review in wonderment as to how we could have become such a divided, hate filled, selfish, lost country being led like lost sheep....there is only one answer.

The Republicans. I listen to Republican/Conservative talk radio and watch Fox News and just shake my head in absolute disgust. The hosts, as well as callers, all sound very intelligent and articulate, but the words that come out of their mouths show nothing less than sheer ignorance never before witnessed in modern day American history. Here, you have a group of people...who call themselves Conservatives. But what exactly is that phrase supposed to mean. It can't mean that they 'conserve' anything. They spend our tax dollars like there's no end. They could care less about conserving the environment, aka conservation.

They'd rather sit on a melting glacier ignorantly debating global warming than to think that maybe it is a possibilty or at least something that should be looked into to conserve the future of our world. They can't want to conserve life.....(although they literally are obsessed to see Rowe V. Wade overturned) because they are absolutely pro-war. Don't forget, they are also the so-called religious right ! So they're pro-life....very religious...and pro-war !!! Is that weird or what ? In addition to that weirdism....they are a sad group that deep inside is actually controlled by hatred, bigotry and a desire to rescue the collapsing white power structure in America.

They are so filled with fear of power loss that their driving force has become total hatred. Whoever their Conservative leaders (sheep herders) tell them to hate(Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, Bush, Cheney, etc.)....that's who they Stepford controlled sheep. At first they were told to hate Bin Laden(made sense at the time).....then The Taliban (remember them ?). All of a sudden, it was Saddam Hussein....then Al Qaida. Meanwhile, don't forget they were hating the French and Germans for awhile for not going along with the Iraq war....even wanted to stop drinking french wine and even wanted to call french fries 'freedom' fries to punish the French. That died out though after awhile (french fries tasted too good).

Then, remember Shorty over in Korea ? They were hating him for about three weeks right after they hated Syria for about two weeks. Then it was Iran.....They started on Iran around July 4th of last year....but that died down after about 6 1/2 weeks. Meanwhile, they hated the Mexicans for coming to America for a better living......and more recently...back to hating Iran. (Note: No more Bin Laden, Taliban, Syria or Shorty in Korea)...Whew ! If it wasn't for the sheep herders....they wouldn't be able to keep up with who they are to hate next. And sadly, here on the homefront, that very hatred has swelled in their spirits to such a degree that racism has escalated to a modern day KKK level. Nooses...police brutality...injustice...prejudice....all stronger now than in the last 30 years.

I'm trying to keep this short so I'm not dicussing the corruption amongst these Conservatives....or their desire to rule the entire world...or how they could care less about the homeless or the needy or the Katrina victims. Don't forget.....they're supposed to be the so-called 'religious' right. The Bible says 'that you will know them by their fruits'.....meaning by what they do and how they think. I do love The Lord and I must say....those of us who truly know and love The Lord know that a true Christian does not want innocent soldiers dying in vain. They do not want the hungry to starve or the homeless without shelter. They would hate the pitiful response to Katrina.....and they would have a Godly spirit that allowed them to know how they....themselves....THE REPUBLICANS...are ruining the great land of America....the "United States"....and simultaneously hurting the entire world.

The time is Now to TAKE BACK AMERICA !!! (Oh Yea !! They also hate the Democrats !!!)

Greg Jones