Saturday, June 19, 2010

WATCH: President's Weekly Address
Scolds Republicans for Blocking Unemployment Checks
For 1 Million Americans (and rising)

Says, " Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs.
Families will pay more for their first home."



B4B Note: The Republican Party is actually working in lockstep toward one common DESTROY AMERICA ! ANY politician who would vote toward the starvation of American families or toward increasing unemployment should be seriously considered for IMPEACHMENT. The Republicans have become America's domestic terrorists...wreaking havoc against We The People at every opportunity as 'payback' for their monumental defeat. Now, their strategy is to TRY to regain power by forcing Americans to literally suffer, hoping to falsely place the blame on The President. THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ! As Repubs play sick political games...under the false pretense of concern of U.S. FUTURE debt...while simultaneously fighting for MORE tax cuts...American families STARVE TODAY ! The Time is NOW to label the Republican Party as they truly have become...


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