Wednesday, June 23, 2010

President Gives McChrystal The Boot,
Replaces With General Petraeus

WATCH: The dignified, Presidential booting of The Insubordinate General.

B4B Note: As everyone knows, the replacement of McChrystal was due to the insubordinate, disrespectful remarks he and his staff made toward The Commander in Chief, our V.P. calling him 'Joe...Bite Me' and another General James Jones who was referred to as 'a clown' in the recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

CLICK HERE to read the Rolling Stone interview/article by Michael Hastings entitled The Runaway General in which General McChrystal says he's never taking his eye off the real enemy: The...White House ! Sounds pretty TREASONOUS to me.

NOW....Who's The Boss !



Office of the Press Secretary


June 23, 2010

Readout of President Obama’s Call with President Karzai

In a call earlier today, President Obama informed President Karzai of his decision to accept General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation and his intent to nominate General David Petraeus to assume command of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. Both leaders expressed admiration and praise for General McChrystal’s leadership and service over the past year. President Obama underscored that this personnel change in no way impacts United States policy in Afghanistan or the level of our commitment to Afghanistan’s future. The President also emphasized that the United States and Afghanistan must continue to work together to sustain the momentum against the Taliban building on the constructive VTC that the two leaders held yesterday. President Karzai welcomed the nomination of General Petraeus and assured President Obama that he would take all steps necessary to support a successful transition.


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