Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(From Press TV)
Raw footage aboard aid carrying vessel being unjustly attacked by Israeli navy despite their waving of white flag and being in international waters. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING....ILLEGAL....and should NOT BE TOLERATED !!!
No matter how the evil-doers/supporters try to spin the Israeli attack of the humanitarian aid vessel killing up to 19 (and you can expect EVERY lie in the book) everything about this act was ABSOLUTELY WRONG !!! Simple as that. This was NOT a military ship they attacked...but a rather small passenger ship...on a humanitarian aid mission...carrying 10 tons of MUCH NEEDED supplies including MEDICINES and WHEEL CHAIRS and even TOYS !!! Among the passengers were the IRISH Nobel peace laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire and an elderly JEWISH survivor of the Holocaust, as well as the SWEDISH author Henning Mankell....not to mention an 18 month old baby and 10 Americans !!!
Any way they try to spin it....this was OUTRIGHT MURDER.
The Time is NOW for the U.S. to demand the END of Israel's blockade.
The people of Gaza are in dire need of life-saving aid....
and are PEOPLE TOO !!!
for what is RIGHT !
P.S. Israel is now trying to spin that the AK47's the Israeli attackers used during the attack....
shot PAINT BALLS !!!! Absolutely PATHETIC !!!
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