Monday, December 13, 2010

B4B THOUGHT of the Day !

Wish more people cared about those in need instead of the false concept of "we'll punish the rich"....who will remain rich either way while millions of struggling American families literally starve. Has anyone come to the realization that through this 'compromise' is the FIRST time since the Inauguration that the Party of No has said YES to ANYTHING for People in Need. From the unemployed to college students to small businesses, the middle-class tax cuts and more, it is amazing how the list of true benefits is being strategically the DEMS are now the ones appearing to be the Party of No. Bottom line: Unemployment benefits RAN OUT for multitudes this past Nov. 30th and the ranks of the starving grows more and more with each day....a FACT to keep in mind as folks (with full bellies) rant that we should just 'wait...and fight'. We MUST remember those in NEED....NOW ! We could find ourselves in the same position on any given day ahead.
Ask secure IS your job ?

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