Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thought of the Day:

for the Right-Wing Plot !

Although the deficit is a concern, it is NOT the #1 priority regarding the future of America's economy as we are strategically being mislead to believe. What IS of more urgency will be much needed state aid (funding) in the short term, which unfortunately will be blocked due to the GOP gaining Congress (thanks to Dems not voting in November), which will have devastating results on state and local budgets, forcing reductions in social services and massive layoffs. The GOP plan is to block state aid (click here for revealing link)'ll hear the topic of 'state bankruptcies' mentioned more and more in corporate MSM...with the ultimate goal being the bankrupting of states...dissolved union agreements and pension plans....followed by 'privatization plans' designed to 'come to the rescue'. They'll call for joint gov't/private ventures which simply means the federal funds that normally go directly to states will now go to the private companies, i.e. Halliburton, who will 'claim' they can run things 'more efficiently', supposedly saving states 'lots and lots of money'. The private companies will then rehire all who lost jobs through forced layoffs but without union agreements or pension plans. That is what is ahead...if we are as asleep and side-tracked by whining as many have been up until now.
(Greg Jones)


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