Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik REFUSES to ENFORCE
Arizona's new law legalizing RACIST PROFILING.

Calls new law..." National Embarrassment "...
says law racist, disgusting and will result in

(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County in Arizona has taken aim at the state's new immigration law, calling it 'abominable' and 'a national embarrassment'. He says he has no intention of complying with it, reported ABC News .

The bill , signed last week by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is ' reasonable suspicion ' to believe they are illegal immigrants.

The law immediately sparked a firestorm of controversy, bringing criticism from the likes of the ACLU and Cardinal Roger Mahoney. Even President Obama weighed in, instructing the justice department to examine the bill to see if it's legal.

Sheriff Dupnik claims the bill is unconstitutional and doesn't think it will be implemented after it is scrutinized by the legal system, reported KGUN-TV . He says he will not enforce the law, but will continue to do what his department has always been doing: hand illegal immigrants over to the border patrol. He goes on to say that if his officers had to detain the immigrants themselves, it would overburden the Pima County jail system and cost the county taxpayers an enormous amount of money.

He tells ABC News : "If we go out and look for illegal immigrants, they accuse us of racial profiling and we can get sued. And if some citizen doesn't think we're enforcing the state law, they can sue us, too."

The governor's officer responded to Dupnik's statements, saying: "Racial profiling is specifically written in the state law to be illegal" and "It seems misguided to be angry or react negatively about this bill."

At least nine sheriffs have come out in support of the law, including Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau, who told MyFox Phoenix : "We can do this without racially profiling … If we find that officers violate this, they will be held to account and in fact they will be fired and they will be charged themselves."

The bill continues to divide the country. Senator John McCain supports it, telling Fox News that the southern border in Arizona is broken. But Karl Rove has come out against the law, saying to CBS News : "I think there is going to be some constitutional problems with the bill."

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