Saturday, December 19, 2009

So they'll 'FIX IT'


Greg Jones

As Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid gears up for the big spin, representing the Senate's supposed 'historic' health care reform bill as if it were great, giving affordable health care to 31 million, people nationwide can't help but be concerned about both the actual ineffectiveness of the bill combined with the new law/mandate that will force millions of struggling Americans to buy the already unaffordably high-priced coverage from the very insurance companies who created the need for health care reform. The massive disapproval of the inclusion of the mandate has triggered a drumbeat of protest calling for the removal of the mandate with chants such as "Just Say NO to Mandates"..."NO MANDATE or KILL THE BILL" and many others.

The problem is that since the bill does not include a method that would create truly affordable coverage like a Public Option or Medicare Buy-In, now that they have been stripped from the Senate version of the bill, most Americans are very concerned that the 47 million Americans struggling through life without health care will still be unable to afford coverage through this bill. But now, there is the mandate or law demanding that if you don't buy the insurance you will be PENALIZED, labeled as a lawbreaker and treated as such, all because of not earning enough money. That is the biggest flaw in this bill; the penalizing of those in need.

Many of the still hopeful are anticipating that once the bill passes in the Senate, positive changes/amendments will be made to the bill such as the insertion of a public option or the omission of the mandate when the bill goes into Conference; the process by which representatives from the Congress meet with Senate reps to fine tune, tweak and strengthen the bill. In fact, many Democratic politicians are stating that we need to get this bill passed in the Senate, as flawed as it is, and then it will be 'corrected' in the Conference process with almost a 'they would never pass THIS' spirit.

BUT, I have been trying to warn people for weeks now that they are NOT, I repeat NOT going to allow significant changes in Conference/Congress, stating that the bill is 'too fragile' and that they need to push it through for the sake of time.


Here is a statement from the article we have attached below from Salon:
" But Nelson also says he isn't necessarily on board for the long haul. "This cloture vote is based on a FULL UNDERSTANDING that there will be a LIMITED CONFERENCE between the Senate and House," he told reporters Saturday morning."

So as promised to Senator Nelson by Majority Leader Harry Reid, there will be a 'limited conference' which is the process known as Ping-Ponging. Through this process Speaker Nancy Pelosi will simply sign off on the Senate version of the bill as-is (maybe a weak change or two to make it look like they did something)...then the bill will go straight to the President for MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

It is of vital importance that all Americans be aware of exactly what is taking place. On Monday at 1:00AM (actually Tuesday early morning) the Senate will vote to close the debate (cloture) allowing the bill to go to the next phase toward their rushed, and frankly fake, Christmas eve deadline. So it is ACTION TIME ! This week we MUST contact our Senators/Congresspeople and The White House to demand that: 1) a full conference be allowed 2) That a truly affordable alternative to the high-priced insurance plans that currently exist such as a strong Public Option or Medicare Buy-In be implemented 3) If not, then they MUST remove the mandate or Kill The 'Unaffordable' Bill and start over creating a bill that does create true affordability.

The next few days are the key to the future of 47 million hard-working Americans, many of whom are forced to stand in long lines for as long as 8 hours while sick, at traveling, make-shift free clinics for the simple, basic right to be seen by a doctor, just like a third-world country. THEY are whom health care reform is SUPPOSED to be for...not the benefit of the insurance profiteers.


The time is NOW to...

Call...Fight...DEMAND !!!