Tuesday, December 15, 2009


By Greg Jones

As the health care reform debate continues we are witnessing a watering-down to such a degree that the end result could actually be worse than what we have now. This has transformed from a vision of affordable health care coverage for the 47 million hard-working Americans currently struggling throughout life without the basic right to quality health care, to simply a bailout to the insurance profiteers through the mandate/law which will force all Americans to buy the expensive coverage or be PENALIZED.

Either through a well orchestrated plot or in a move to appease the obstructionists, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has gotten rid of ALL of the mechanisms that would have been enacted to create affordable health care coverage for all. First, the public option plan was taken out; and now we hear that the plan to allow people ages 55 to 64 to 'buy-in' to Medicare has been scrapped as well. In all fairness the one element of this reform debate that has remained constant throughout the debate (which could be passed as a single law/bill) is the banning of insurance company discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions, who will through this plan, be allowed to buy coverage, only if they can afford it (interestingly a problem President Obama's mother was faced with making it an issue most dear to The President's heart).

But EVERYTHING else about this plan is absolutely PATHETIC ! The majority of the 47 million struggling uncovered are doing so, not because they can't find coverage, but because they simply can not AFFORD the current high rates of coverage-which continue to rise. And this potentially 'historic' plan does absolutely nothing to make coverage even $1 cheaper. Worse yet, the Democratic politicians are now claiming what a great plan this will be because it " will give coverage to 31 million Americans". Sorry, but that's a lie. This plan isn't GIVING anything. This plan will FORCE the struggling uninsured to buy the unaffordable coverage from the insurance cartel or be PENALIZED by way of huge fines for being unable to afford it, like a penalty for being too poor ! When you combine the threat and fear of becoming labeled a lawbreaker, due to not having enough money, with the fact that the millions struggling will STILL be uncovered, STILL need to stand in long free-clinic lines while sick like a third-world country, the fact is it will actually be WORSE for millions of Americans if this 'historic' plan is passed.

You call THIS reform ? How does this plan help in any way the 47 million struggling, uncovered, hoping to NOT become one of the 44,000 that DIE each year due to the lack of access to quality health care ? Or the millions 'under-covered' like my younger sister Karen who just dropped dead on her bedroom floor a couple of months ago ? How will this plan help the thousands and thousands currently forced to stand in long lines for as long as 8 hours, while sick, at make-shift free clinics just to be seen by a doctor ? How does this plan solve the embarrassing health care needs of Americans in the richest country in the world. Not only does this plan NOT solve the true needs, but it doesn't even come close.

The ONLY thing this plan is is a blatantly obvious, stipulation-free, mandated gift to the insurance profiteers on the backs of the struggling.
As evidence, if the politicians weren't so well bribed/lobbied they would have at least told the cartel they must reduce their rates 10-20-30% or so for The People in exchange for the new 30 million people being forced to buy their product or be penalized, but instead it is exactly like the stipulation-free bank bailouts which is why we say....


This Plan is NOT for The People therefore
The People should NOT be for this Plan !

ANYONE who says that this plan should be accepted is ONLY thinking politically (and probably HAS coverage) or on behalf of the cartel. Health Care should not be a political issue but rather a matter of life or death !

Dr. Howard Dean Says KILL THE BILL