Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin: Simply Prove You're the Baby's Mother So We Can Move On !
'Who's (really) The Baby's Mama' Drama

Greg Jones

The media is at it again. Spin, spin, spin. Now with the revelation that Palin's teenage daughter IS pregnant, the media is diverting all attention to that issue rather than the true question at hand. Is Sarah Palin the 5th baby's mother or is the teenage daughter Bristol. That question needs to be answered. This is the question that swept the internet all weekend, leading the McCain camp to 'rebut' the story by revealing that the teenager is currently 5 months pregnant which supposedly means she could not have a 4 month old already.

But what if Bristol is actually only 3 months pregnant ? And better yet, after seeing the 'who's the baby's mama' story everywhere all weekend....why hasn't Sarah come out with some simple proof that the 4 month old is in fact hers ?

But the media wants to concentrate on the current teenage pregnancy while stating that any discussion is unfair to the family. DON'T BE SIDETRACKED ! We don't care if the little girl is pregnant. We DO care if Sarah Palin has been lying for the past 6 months to her staff, her constituents and her country about who the real mother of the child is. If she'll lie about something like this she can not be trusted as V.P.. Just that simple. We have the right to know and her refusal thus far to present concrete evidence raises even more questions. This video summarizes very well: TO BE SHARED


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