Friday, September 5, 2008


EXPOSED ! Wasilla, Alaska Resident:
'Sarah Palin Is LYING OUT HER EARS' !
What The Media is NOT revealing !

MUST LISTEN: During yesterday's LIVE broadcast of the new Nothing But The Truth radio talk show, the show took an unexpected turn when the second caller, a current resident of Wasilla, Alaska for 14 years, home of former Wasilla Mayor and now Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, called in. The caller, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that he 'just wants the truth to come out' as he proceeded to expose numerous and some even shocking unreported facts about his neighbor Sarah Palin.

Listen to the shocking first hand report of how Palin wanted residents to suffer after an avalanche, the 18 million dollar Wasilla deficit Palin created, the facts about TrooperGate, how she's totally in bed with Big Oil, the truth about the librarian firing, how residents REALLY feel about her, why she's nicknamed 'the baracuda' and the many huge lies that are not being reported in the media.

As the resident put it, '...she's lying out her ears !'

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Time For Honesty...