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Will the media EVER tell the TRUTH
that the Bush Regime KNEW the
U.S. Credit Rating would be

(Greg Jones/Blacks4Barack) For years, beginning in October of 2008, when Bush was still head of The Regime, I have tried to inform of the fact that the Bush Bailouts were an attempt to prop up our financials/banks as cover for our economic Ponzi scheme in hopes of maintaining our AAA credit rating. By clicking the links below, you'll get a better idea of just how long our AAA rating has been in jeopardy. Note the dates of each article as well as making note that they are all referring to the Bush years. Also, I've included a sample comment I have posted at various sites in attempt to shed light on facts NEVER reported in our mass media. Moving ahead, as the media-aided Right Wing spin this credit downgrade as 'Obama's fault'...combined with the spin that he is the first President to have a downgrade...share these links which dispel the lies...with (unreported) Truth. Plus: BE PREPARED TO FIGHT ! The rich-supporting Right will try to use this downgrade as a reason/excuse for further spending cuts INSTEAD of the obvious need to increase taxes for The Rich.

(Comment posted on Huffington Post by Greg Jones Aug 10, 2010)

When the IMF/WBO requested to audit the U.S. economy Dubya acted offended. Finally agreed...on condition they must wait until the end of his term. Last fiscal year of his term ended exactly Sept. 30, 2008. One week prior...BR­EAKING NEWS...WE'­RE BROKE !!! (secretly says)
" Gotta keep our triple A rating ". Put some money in the banks Hank. Act like it's so they'll do loans. How much boss ? I dunno, make up a number. How's $787B. ? Sounds good. HURRY ! But gotta secretly send $ to the foreign countries/­banks who are pi*ssed they got burnt dealing with us boss. Well...hav­e OUR banks secretly send them the $. And for being silent...t­ell your boys they can pay themselves big bonuses. HURRY ! (President Obama gets keys to WH).....WH­AT ?...Our banks are THIS broke ?...OK...n­eed another bailout. What should we call it ? (Geitner) TARP !...OK...b­ut it's still not going to be enough. Gotta do something boss or we'll lose our triple A....and possibly REALLY collapse. (story goes on)

Poster comes to mind...(pi­c of Dubya) " I know I "effed" America...­but Thanks for blaming it on the Black Guy !"”

LINKS: Re: Audit of U.S. Economy & Threat of Credit Downgrade
(during BUSH years),1518,562291,00.html


" Officials with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have informed Bernanke about a plan that would have been unheard-of in the past: a general examination of the US financial system. The IMF's board of directors has ruled that a so-called Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) is to be carried out in the United States. It is nothing less than an X-ray of the entire US financial system.

As part of the assessment, the Fed, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the major investment banks, mortgage banks and hedge funds will be asked to hand over confidential documents to the IMF team. They will be required to answer the questions they are asked during interviews. Their databases will be subjected to so-called stress tests -- worst-case scenarios designed to simulate the broader effects of failures of other major financial institutions or a continuing decline of the dollar.

Under its bylaws, the IMF is charged with the supervision of the international monetary system. Roughly two-thirds of IMF members -- but never the United States -- have already endured this painful procedure.

For seven years, US President George W. Bush refused to allow the IMF to conduct its assessment. Even now, he has only given the IMF board his consent under one important condition. The review can begin in Bush's last year in office, but it may not be completed until he has left the White House. This is bad news for the Fed chairman.

When the final report on the risks of the US financial system is released in 2010 -- and it is likely to cause a stir internationally -- only one of the people in positions of responsibility today will still be in office: Ben Bernanke. " (end of article)

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