Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rough Year (2011) Ahead !

Greg Jones
National Director

BE PREPARED ! 2011 is expected to be a very trying year packed with massive lies and corporate media manipulation; frivolous witch hunts directed toward The President; state and local governments in dire straits due to anticipated blocking of much needed federal aid by the GOP leading to massive layoffs; continuous attempts to de-energize Dem support by popular Lefty, so-called Progressive (should be called Re-gressive) media; strategically orchestrated GOP attacks against union agreements and pension plans with the goal being their 'dissolvement'; continuous attempts to diminish and label as mediocre all accomplishments of The President; constant use of the midterm election results to create false claims of what 'Americans want'; increased attacks/attempts to dismantle health care reform through lawsuits and defunding-stripping the basic right to access life-sustaining quality health care; blame for America's economic and unemployment situation continuously being placed on The President aided by corporate media with no mention/reminder that the collapse actually occurred during the Bush regime; redistricting to omit powerful Dem seats; and MORE....will all occur...
if we are not in Unity to
Be Inspired...Be Informed...

America Needs YOU !

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