Thursday, September 9, 2010

WATCH: President Calls Planned
Burning of Qu' ran a Stunt

Says " completely contrary to our beliefs as Americans...
could greatly endanger our young men & women in Iraq and Afghanistan


B4B NOTE: As some declare that this ignorant Pastor Jones in Gainsville, Florida has the 'right' to burn the Qu'ran, I am reminded that regardless of our right to free speech we are not allowed to holler 'fire' (falsely) in a crowded theater because of the anticipated harm that could be caused by the potential stampede to run for safety. The President, General Petreaus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and many others have expressed the fact that the burning of the Qu'ran can endanger and cause harm to our troops, our sons and daughters, therefore should in no way be allowed just as the false 'fire' shout is not allowed. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but with limitations. Just as we are not allowed to falsely scream fire....we are not allowed to call someone and 'say' (through our freedom of speech) that we're going to kill them or do them any harm. Not allowed. We're not allowed to 'say' under freedom of speech that we're going to do harm to any public officials. We can't 'say' what we want in the form of graffiti on public buildings, buses etc.. We can't even write graffiti on our OWN houses. Just not allowed. So there are numerous instances that prove our freedom of speech comes with safeguards, limitations and boundaries, and whereas that speech could result in the detriment of others, as the anticipated case with the Qu'ran burning, it should in no way be considered an allowable form of freedom of speech. (Greg Jones)
p.s. Was nice to meet George Stephanopoulos this past Wednesday at The President's speech here in Cleveland. Very nice former Clevelander who we are proud of.

UPDATE: The disgrace to America canceled his Qu'ran burning.
No more publicity here.

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