Monday, January 11, 2010

B4B's Response
To the Senator Harry Reid (non)-Issue

The first thing I noticed about, then, Senator Barack Obama, was that he had the look and articulate speech which would enable him (combined with his capabilities) to become the first Black President of the United States...thus, I started an organization in February 2007 to help stimulate and invigorate others to agree.

Greg Jones
National Director

Although 'inartfully' expressed...there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with Senator Reid's assessment....which is evident by the historic outcome.

BUT NOW...Despite this new, extremely weak right-wing 'strategy' designed to upset/dissuade Black Dem support...the media/GOP are not only making the fake issue out of Reid's statement...but more importantly...they are literally HIDING what SHOULD be the major headline. Where's the 'expert analysis' on this recent (truly pathetic) admission ?

" Newt Gingrich: Michael Steele's Race Scares Some GOPers ".

Imagine if this had been Howard Dean admitting this as the Dem's sentiment toward an entire group/race of Americans....the Jews...or Hispanics...or Blacks...or fill-in the blank. Would be non-stop news. Where's the coverage ? That's the REAL news story !

P.s. We thank the supporters of ALL walks
who worked in Unity toward the historic election of
President Barack Obama.

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