Sunday, August 9, 2009

Announcing New B4B Feature:

Announcing the new B4B 'Obama Warrior of the Month' ! President Obama let us know from the beginning that he can not make necessary change by himself. He needs the help of We The People.There are a great number of everyday Americans who are working diligently, giving freely of their time and efforts for The Recovery of America. They don't do it for pay or recognition. They do what they do for their love of our country. Each month B4B will salute one individual who is working hard behind-the-scene for President Obama...
working hard for America !

To nominate someone or even yourself send name,
what actions you are doing, brief bio, photo, contact info to:

Together, We WILL Make The Difference !

Photo Mosaic above by Kevin Hoffman entitled:
Out Of Many, We Are One