Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time For Americans To WAKE UP:
The Truths About Israel...WOW !

As Israel continues it's military advance against the people of Palestine, an act which can only escalate to a disastrous degree, We the People need to become more informed on the Truths About Israel. Unfortunately, due to the fact that our media spoonfeeds us total propaganda through it's Jewish controlled media, truth is extremely difficult to learn regarding the Israeli/Palestine Conflict.

LEARN THE FACTS: Now is the time for ALL Americans to take time out to learn the facts. We, at Blacks4Barack invite you to visit an incredibly informative site developed by a number of our Jewish brothers and sisters which totally shares the absolute, propaganda-free facts regarding the Israel/Palestine Conflict. (and the multiple wrong-doings of Israel)

PLEASE VISIT THE SITE: Visit 'If Americans Knew'...browse through the many categories of information including the Origin of the Conflict...U.S. Interests...the Media Bias...Statistics...then


Be Informed...Be Involved