Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now It's Up To You...
We started this campaign in February 2007. Twenty-one months later the day we have all been waiting for is upon us.We will wake up tomorrow with a chance to make history. A chance to elect Barack Obama president. This is what we've all been working for. This is what we've sacrificed dinners out for, why we spent our summer organizing, why we stayed up late to call, why spent our weekends volunteering. One day to change the world. Our supporters have put their heart and soul into this campaign. And there is no way that we would be where we are without you. You made this campaign what it is today. We reached this point because of you.Now is the time to do what we've been working for: vote for Barack Obama for president. Go to VoteforChange.com right now and find your polling location. Invite all of your friends and family to find their polling location. Decide when you are going to vote; on the way to work, at lunch or on the way home. Remind your co-workers to vote. Go vote and make history.