Sunday, June 1, 2008

Expect Massive 'Hillary for V.P.' Push !

As it becomes more obvious that Hillary will lose you can expect some serious racheting up of the Hill for V.P. rhetoric which will be coming strong from all angles. The group VoteBoth who is secretly tied to the Hillary campaign will be pulling out all the stops to get her in the White House one way or another....even if it means 2nd seat position. You can also expect all of the news networks to push for the 'dream ticket' as the only way Obama can win.

Simply put, all Hillary is doing, as a sore loser and one who refuses to give up the ghost, is trying to hold her supporters as ransom with the attitude 'give me what I want or I won't release them'. So she'll instruct all of her surrogates and her friends in the media to do the big final push for her selection as Obama's running mate. Expect to see them non-stop all over the airwaves. Expect the pundits to claim that the so-called dream ticket is the only way Obama can win. Before long, even Bill will come out saying what a smart move it would be for Obama to choose her.

Bottom line....don't fall for it ! The LAST thing Obama should do is choose Hillary. Not only would Hillary's association give major ammunition to the Republicans to attack the dream ticket via exposing every Clinton scandal since Whitewater....they'll talk about how can Obama be for change since he chose her...they'll show how combative (and weird) Hill was during this entire campaign....dodging sniper fire, etc. They'll talk about how Obama is weak since he was forced to choose Hillary. Not to mention, Republicans absolutely hate the Clintons and her being a part of the ticket is just what McCain needs to spark motivation for bigger Repub turnout.

But the main reason Hillary should NEVER be Obama's V.P. is one simple thing: Just remember her ASSASSINATION STATEMENT ! Obama would be absolutely crazy to have a diobolically dangerous person such as Hill sitting around just one breath away from the Presidential slot. (That phrase means if Obama stops breathing....she's in).

So, until Obama declares his V.P. selection, everytime you hear these pundits and surrogates pushing like crazy the so-called dream ticket....just remember what they REALLY want....they want her to be one breath away.

p.s. There are a certain number of Hillary supporters who will refuse to vote for Obama. We can make up for those lost votes by making sure that EVERY eligible voter is registered and votes in November. Help make sure that everyone you know is registered....if them get registered. That will be the key !

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