Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hillary's Problem Ahead....The Weather !

I just checked the forecast for the next 2 weeks in Indiana and N. Carolina and noticed that Hillary may have one major problem ahead....The Weather ! For the next 2 weeks you will notice that all of Hill and Bill's rallys will be in outdoor venues....parks...back yards...parking lots...etc.. The reason? She's so broke she can't afford to rent halls anymore for her appearances. So they are forced to holding their rallys in 'free' outdoor venues. Problem's supposed to rain alot in both Indiana and N. Carolina over the next couple weeks. So what will they do ? They can't afford to go indoors....they can't cancel...And now that she has been known not to pay her bills the halls want their money up front.That's where the Hill supporters come in. If you are a true, strong supporter of Hillary....she needs you all to do an Indian...'Hope it DON'T' raindance ! Seriously....she needs your help. Just stand in the mirror and start your don't raindance jig...but then stop....look in the mirror....and ask yourself.... Is this REALLY who you think should be running America !
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