Thursday, March 27, 2008

Join The Blacks4Barack
'Web Blast Team' !

Blacks4Barack is a national grassroots organization who's mission has always been to invigorate support for Barack Obama. Throughout this campaign it has become obvious that Senator Obama is also forced to run against some of the media....who's primary objective is to see Obama any means. The media has not only told many mistruths and sparked the flames of racism....but they are also guilty of withholding facts that the American people should know. That is where you come in.

Through the power of the internet, true news can be shared nationwide by simply posting facts in various comment sections of high traffic sites. Huffington Post, Politico, Black America Web, BlackVoices, N.Y. Times, CNN etc....are great sites to help inform their visitors of facts......and guess what.....IT REALLY WORKS !

As a Blacks4Barack Web Blaster we will simply email stories/articles to you that we want you to email (blast) out to every site that you feel appropriate. The more the facts get out....the more America knows the Truth. To join the Web Blaster Team simply send an e-mail to Blacks4Barack saying you'd like to be a Blacks4Barack Blaster. Give us your name, city and email address. Then we will start sending you stories/articles.....then START BLASTING ! Also, please email us any stories/articles that you feel should be blasted.

Together....We WILL Make A Difference....For The Re-Birth of America
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