Friday, February 15, 2008

Whats' Wrong With Tavis...

Now Calling Michelle Obama A Liar !

Tavis Smiley has been making what many consider to be anti-Obama statements during his regular commentaries on The Tom Joyner Show including statements that only 'uppidy Negroes' are Obama supporters. Tavis will be holding his yearly symposium next week of which he decided to invite the candidates to appear. Hillary, of course , agreed to attend in hopes of winning back some black support while Obama stated that naturally, he is busy running for President.

Michelle Obama called in to the Michael Baisden Show to express how she and Barack have always been great admirers of Tavis but since Barack was busy, Michelle stated that she would attend the symposium in proxy of her husband. (Would love to see Michelle against Hillary !) Michelle also stated during the Baisden Show that she had contacted Tavis' people and was told that Tavis did not want her to attend....that it would be inappropriate! (Bet if it was Bill Tavis wouldn't have said that)

But the kicker is the very next day, Tavis did his great commentary on Tom Joyner where he stated that he had never been contacted by Michelle at all, that she had never offered to attend in lieu of Barack....but if he had been contacted he would have told her that she could not attend and that it would be inappropriate for her to attend.....which is exactly what she said his response was. So the bottom line is, not only does Tavis think that everyone is to cater to him as if he's the 'King of the Blacks', while he is simultaneously doing all he can to help his girl Hillary, while downing one of the strongest black men of modern he's calling that man's wife a liar.

If Tavis had simply listened to Michael Baisden's Show the day before he would have realized how insulting his comments were. I too, have always greatly admired Tavis, but nowadays....the more he opens his mouth...the sadder he sounds. He claims to not have endorsed either candidate while doing everything he can to help Hill and hurt Obama. Just be honest Tav....tell us that you want Hillary to win. Blacks folks across America are seeing through all of your tactics and it's sad that you don't get it.
Although we're very disappointed in you Tav, due to the great works that you have done for the Blacks Community, we're not going to throw you under the bus. Instead, we're going to consider this as one of your big mistakes in life (we all have them) and we're still going to show you Brotherly Luv. But to call the Obama's liars and degrade them is beneath you and should stop.
Greg Jones
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