Sunday, July 25, 2010

B4B Thought-of-the-Day !

Pictured: The young lady (whacko) who, during the historic campaign of '08,

was found guilty of branding and bruising herself, blaming a Black Obama supporter.



The 'Power Structure' is still in ABSOLUTE SHOCK and disbelief that Blacks, Whites and All...UNITED in the election of America's first Black President. In hopes of 'Never Again'...their well orchestrated, right-wing plot is
to divide, conquer and regain power. We've only seen the tip of the
iceberg. As we get closer to Nov. 2010, then the 2012 elections, we can EXPECT their tactics to get worse and we've NEVER seen before...which is why we MUST be United...starting NOW...putting on the armor...preparing to Fight the Good LITERALLY SAVE Our Country !