Saturday, October 17, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address
Battling The Insurance Companies
Down The Stretch

As the health insurance reform debate enters into its final stages in Congress, the President denounces the desperate and deceptive last-ditch efforts of the health insurance companies to derail it.

Greg Jones' B4B NOTE: Since all signs show that the health reform bill IS going to include a mandate (law that every citizen must have or buy coverage or be penalized) then it is extremely important that a strong public option be included in the bill to create a lower cost plan for the 47 million hard working Americans who are currently uninsured because they can not afford coverage. If they could afford it they'd have it and not be standing in make-shift free clinic lines for much needed health care like a third world country. If there ends up being a mandate, but still unaffordable plans that Americans are FORCED to buy, then we will simply end up with 47 million uninsured lawbreakers, which totally defeats the purpose of Health Care Reform, all to the benefit of the insurance cartel. It is absolutely PATHETIC that our politicians are using cost as the excuse (health care reform is anticipated to cost $889 billion over 10 years) to continue to allow 46 thousand Americans to DIE each year due to the lack of medical care/coverage, while simultaneously (and quietly I might add) approving the spending of $683 BILLION for WAR (majority went to defense contractors)...with the expectation to need more funding NEXT YEAR !

The key to a strong, competitive public option being in the bill is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. We Must vigorously contact Reid to DEMAND a Strong Public Option as if our lives depended on it....because one just might !

CONTACT Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at;
DC: 202-224-3542; Vegas: 702-388-5020; Carson: 775-882-7343;
Reno: 775-686-5750


Yes We WILL...
Yes We MUST !!!

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